Limited Time Offer

1. International Nanny Certificate - Level 1
2. Paedatric First Aid
3. COVID-19 Protocols for Caregivers

Are you looking to begin your new career as a nanny?  Earning formal academic qualifications can help start you off on the right path!

What's included?

This class will be a super easy introduction to getting started. For that reason we offer 10% discount!

International Nanny Certificate - Level 1

We guarantee an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance.

Paedatric First Aid

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through desktop and mobile.

COVID-19 Protocols for Caregivers

Video interactions, note-taking, interactive ebooks, self-assessment, certificates, and much more.

Nannying 101 + Paediatric First Aid Bundle

Get prepared for your new career!
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